For decades Danny Minton has documented countless weddings, portraits, sports and surf magazine images, which have been published all through the United States and many parts of the world.

Danny Minton has a degree in Photography and Industrial Arts with an emphasis in teaching. His Industrial Arts degree has given him the knowledge to design and manufacture water camera housings, which has enabled him to get up close to his subjects in the water.

Throughout the years he has traded his wetsuit for a "Real Dress Suit."

Since 1984 he has been creating beautiful wedding photos and family portraits. If there is one person or a thousand people in a picture Danny Minton has been able to find the appropriate solution for the ultimate image.

He is very artistic in wanting to keep a natural look to his backgrounds using the beauty of nature to enhance his subjects.

Competitions - "None". He has never entered any photo competitions. He doesn't believe in the big ego end of the photography field.

Danny Minton tries to keep his photography fun, natural and down to earth, which should be the important aspect about your special event.

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